My name is Karel Minařík and I am an eclectic.

I design and develop web applications or websites with focus on straight copy, rich interactivity, clean design and mentally stable backends. My tools are Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Git and a Mac. I have built dozens of websites and web applications. My latest work is system architecture, hundreds of lines of Ruby code and user interface implementation for the www.ataxosocialinsider.cz application.

I do training, workshops and consulting in Ruby On Rails development, using Git version control and implementing ElasticSearch and NoSQL solutions. My clients include Ataxo Czech, ČSOB Leasing, Rádio Impuls and SUSE Linux, among others.

I have graduated in Philosophy (2002) and you can read my thesis on Adorno online. I have year-long experience with all aspects of creating for the web. I have been working as web and graphic designer, lead ActionScript developer, freelance PHP programmer, information architect, art director and project manager at internet agency, and more. Read my full resume on LinkedIn.

I release applications, Ruby libraries, Rails plugins and more as open source code on Github. Currently, I focus on a rich Ruby API for ElasticSearch, called Tire. Most of my work and knowledge ends up being open sourced, check out the Rails deployment alternatives tutorial, for instance.

I am co-author of the Rails guide on internationalization. In 2007, I have published series of articles about Ruby on Rails, making the first comprehensive material about the platform available in Czech. In 2008, I co-organized European Ruby Conference (EURUKO), the largest Ruby conference in Europe.

From time to time, I publish what’s on my mind on the Ephemera tumble-log.

If you'd like some consulting, training or advice with Ruby, Rails, Git, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, NoSQL or web development in general, get in touch by e-mail.